Squeeze n Melt - Liquid Soy Wax Melts

Squeeze n Melt - Liquid Soy Wax Melts

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Squeeze n melt liquid soy wax melts are pretty much the new craze on the block and all to well as they are without doubt the strongest fragrant melts out there!

Simply shake well, squeeze into your warmers/burner and watch it melt giving fragrance in seconds! 

If you’d like your Liquid Melts thicker, place in the freezer for about 5 mins or if you’d like it a bit thinner/runnier, zap in the microwave for approx 10-15 seconds. Either consistency won’t effect scent throw or how they perform. They’ll still be amazing! Whilst they are super super strong, please keep in mind some fragrances are more subtle than others. 

  • Approx 100ml squeezable bottle. 
  • * Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Clean up spills immediately to avoid surface staining. 
  • Be sure to give it a good shake before using.